SITEMA Clamping Heads
make your machines safer and better
Here you can learn:
  • What are Clamping Heads?
  • What are they used for?
  • Which forces can they hold?
  • In which applications are they used?
SITEMA invented me to make
your machines safer and better
My name is Sid the Clamping Head. Let me tell you something about me and my possible applications.
What are Clamping Heads?
Clamping Heads
are machine components
that grip a round, smooth rod.
Let’s look at the following situations and see what can be achieved by this.

SITEMA Clamping Heads make machines safer. Whether during operation or maintenance, in case of malfunctions or an emergency stop – access to a machine is safe if it is secured by a SITEMA Clamping Head.

Click on the green plus symbol to learn more at the individual situations.
  • Lifted or suspended loads are secured from dropping down (e.g. the slide
    of a press, a lid, or any other moving part)
  • Clamping possible in any position
  • Energize to open
  • Protected against unintended release thanks to our SiForce Technology
  • DGUV certified series available
  • High B10D values
  • Horizontal and diagonal mounting possible
  • Product groups: e.g. Safety Catchers, Safety Brakes
a position

You need to hold a position precisely, e.g. lock a working table at any point of its stroke? Then our Locking Units
are the right thing for you.

  • Clamping possible in any position
  • Energize to open – save energy and relieve your drive system
  • Precise positioning
  • At the same time, securing against falling down or involuntary movement is possible
  • Horizontal and diagonal mounting possible
  • Also suitable for machine tools

You would like to hold a mold
or a work piece against a high process force (e.g. a movable table against a press force,
or even a hangar door against wind load)?

  • Clamping possible in any position
  • Precise positioning
  • High holding forces of up to 1500 kN by hydraulic clamping
  • Horizontal and diagonal mounting possible
  • Product group: Locking Units, e.g. KB series

You need a high force on a short stroke, e.g. in a forming press? Your usual concept builds too big and its energy consumption is too high?
Think creatively and discover our unique PowerStroke!

  • Similar to a short stroke cylinder, but one which only grips its piston rod
    where it is needed
  • With this concept, the fast travel stroke and strong working stroke can be separated
  • This leads to an energy efficient solution: with for example an electrical drive system for the travel stroke, and a power stroke of 1800 kN using only 3 liters hydraulic oil
  • No matter at what position of the stroke you need the working force, you will get it
  • Compact build, no bulky frame construction necessary
  • Optimized cycle times
  • Can be used on hardened standard piston rods (no complicated toothed racks necessary)
  • The rod can leave the PowerStroke to save even more space
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting possible
How strong are Clamping Heads really?
Where can I use Clamping Heads?
You would like to know more about this?
Extra strong

The force or load which can be secured,
held or created is between the equivalent of

200 kg and up to 200 metric tons.

With a purely pneumatic solution, you can
secure up to 22 tons with a single Clamping Head –
a safety factor of two already included!

Everywhere where there is a linear movement
and room for a round rod.

No problem
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